Human resource is an area for expertise. When a company or business is in the start up phase, one of the fist staffs to be hired are the Human Resources personnel. This group of people are at the heart of the business and provide the knowledge to hire, teach and train employees. Every company needs a staff to keep it running.  What keeps the staff running?  The Human Resources Department, of course.

The staffs take care of the customers.  They greet them when they arrive, serve their needs, and send them away with a smile.  Hopefully!  Someone pays the bills and handles the mail.  Someone markets the company.  Someone decorates and maintains the premises.  Someone buys the products being sold. Someone handles the money and someone sets the appointments.  There is even a guy that plots the parking lot and mows the lawn.  There is a lot involved with running a company.  Look at all that stuff.  But wait.  Where did all those people come from?  Who organizes them and pays their salary?

The staff had to be recruited and put through the hiring process.  That is what the Human Resources Department does.  Human Resources is the department of a business that staffs and operates an organization, on the personnel level.  Human Resources, or HR, is also in charge of the training and development of the staff.  When it comes time for performance evaluation and management, call HR.  HR also handles record keeping of all personal data, and compensation, bonuses, benefits and pensions, working closely with the payroll department. Human Resources is the lifeline of a company.  The role it plays within a company is to maximize the return on investment from the organization’s human capital and minimize financial risk. The Human Resources manager is expected to conduct these activities effectively, fairly, and consistently.